Tours Galápagos

Galapagos, one of the 4 worlds of Ecuador

When Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in 1835, he was so deeply impressed by their unique nature, flora, and fauna that he was inspired to write his theory of evolution which is now taught in science classrooms worldwide. You too will find inspiration aboard exclusive cruises through the archipelago alongside knowledgeable naturalist guides. During planned activities and adventures such as hiking, kayaking, and diving, you can witness first-hand the process of evolution occurring in the Galapagos archipelago.

For many years the only way to discover the Galapagos Islands was on cruises, but now you can combine your cruise with a comfortable lodge stay on one or several of the islands with day tours into the national park as well as the marine reserve.

Choose from a wide range of Cruises which Galapagos Travel offers.

There are several Galapagos cruises, each with a capacity between 40 and 100 passengers. These ships are known for their great stability and service, comfortable accommodations and superior food. Because they are bigger than the others, they have large public areas like bars and terraces. All cruise ships have air conditioning, ocean view cabins, gift shops and other luxury facilities. Cruise ships are best for those travelers who tend to get seasick as there is much less movement while cruising around the islands and they often have doctors on board. There are several decks where you can always find a moment to watch the sunset and enjoy the solitude.

Adventure Cruises

The Adventure Cruises offers unforgettable journeys through the stunning Galapagos Islands. Explore this unique and biodiverse archipelago aboard our comfortable and eco-friendly vessels, led by experienced guides who will immerse you in the wonders of this natural paradise. Discover pristine landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and engage in thrilling outdoor activities while enjoying the utmost in comfort and sustainability with our Adventure Cruises on the enchanted islands of Galapagos.